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C A O V N S E 3 V P I H G M A D
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Torchlight 2 Shared Stash Download [EXCLUSIVE]

Torchlight 2 Shared Stash Download --->>>

Twice in last 3 days played offline character logged on and stuff was missing outta my personal and 1st shared stashgems/skullscharmsgold weaponsat least 10K gold outta shared stashrejuvenation potions

Happened to me again. I lost my shared stash on day 2 and again this morning. Main stash is fine, and random items in my 3rd shared tab is fine. Everything I added yesterday to shared tab 1 is gone. Super frustrating, shared stashes are unusable right now

Same here, yesterday my entire personal stash disappeared and now today half my shared stash full of runes disappeared.First day my whole account got rolled back as well about 4 hours of playtime.

This mod allows you to transfer gold from one character to another of your characters. Just use the portal near the shared stash, use the deposit desk to receive a special scroll and put it in the shared stash. Then with your other character take it to the withdraw desk to receive your gold back.

GD Stash is an external tool to store items from the Grim Dawn shared stash in GD Stash's database or retrieve them and place them in the shared stash. The program offers an overview of the available items and the items you already have collected. Also, it offers the option to custom-craft items to use in game. 153554b96e


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