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This one's for all the Hatch Chile lovers out there! Nothing compares to the the maple, nutty magic of Pecans combined with the sweet heat of a Hatch Chile, a spice that hits you right at the end. If you love classic pecan brittle but also love some spicy flare - this one's for you.

This one's for all the Pecan lovers out there! Nothing compares to the the maple, nutty magic of Pecans combined with Uncle Ray's magic brittle sauce. If you love classic peanut brittle, but you love pecans just a bit more - Uncle Ray's Homemade Pecan Brittle is the candy for you!

Elizabeth took her popular soft pecan brittle, and her latest popular white satin and has brought the 2 flavors together in her WHITE SATIN PECAN BRITTLE. You will be amazed at the soft and creamy combination!!!

Made from our secret family recipe using Georgia pecans, lots of butter and has all the flavors that would not expect in candy. It starts with a sweet, savory taste with a little Cajun kick from cayenne at the finish. This brittle is known to pair well with beer or tea. 6oz Bag

Our brittle will easily last at least 3 months without any special care. Keeping all of our products away from direct sunlight, heat, and excessive air circulation will help to preserve their quality.

One of our favorite things to do is to gift people with food. This Pecan Brittle is a quick and easy way to show someone how much they mean to you with a delicious gift! Package the brittle up in a pretty goodie bag and share the food love.

Classic, traditional pecan brittle! This crackling, salty-sweet pecan brittle is gluten free and has no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors. This is the snack you remember from grandma's kitchen!

Make the praline:On a lightly oiled rimmed sheet pan, spread the chopped cookies in one layer and sprinkle the pecans evenly on top of the cookies. Pour the sugar into a medium skillet (about 7-inches across the bottom), making sure the sugar is evenly distributed and cook it over medium heat, without stirring until most of the sugar has dissolved, become transparent and is starting to turn golden. At that point, stir the sugar with a heat proof spatula until it has all become liquid and turned a medium brown caramel color. Do not let the liquid get too dark or it will taste bitter. Very carefully pour the caramel (be careful, the caramel is very hot) as evenly as possible over the cookie pecan mixture on the sheet pan. Let the mixture cool completely until it is very hard and then chop it into -inch pieces.

Early in 1961, Salt Lake City master candy maker, Paul Cushing, perfected his recipe. It is the closely held secret of his special blend of fresh quality ingredients that have combined to make his candy brittle World Famous. We are proud to continue Paul's tradition of unsurpassed quality and excellence. Try it. We are confident you, your friends and guests will agree - Paul's brittle is unmatched.

This pecan brittle recipe might be my best brittle yet. I have a thing for candy making and have recently gotten really into homemade brittle. Roasted nuts surrounded by sweet caramelized, crunchy sugar and a hint of salt is just about as good as homemade candy gets. The baking soda adds a light foam throughout the candy to give it a perfectly delicate bite.

It has the added intrigue of ground chipotle peppers. They give this pecan brittle a slow burn and a touch of smoke, and it really is the perfect balance to a sweet nut candy. Sweet, spicy, salty, crunchy-- what more could we actually want

Pecan brittle is a hard candy made with sugar, pecans, corn syrup, and baking soda. The nuts are cooked in the syrup, which gives them a deeply roasted flavor and helps the syrup caramelize (via maillard reactions).

The best way to store brittle is in a vacuum-sealed bag. Any amount of humidity in the air will cause the candy to become sticky, so you can wrap it really tightly in cellophane, put it in a resealable plastic bag and press out as much air as possible, or, ideally, vacuum seal the bag.

Looking for the perfect pecan ideal for both snacking and baking Look no further than our shelled Fancy Pecan Halves! Enjoy our Georgia-grown pecans on their own or add to a smoothie for a burst of flavor. They are also a tasty and satisfying Keto snack.

A natural product grown in the USA and made from the highest quality mammoth pecans without any additives, these shelled, kosher certified Small Fancy Pecan Pieces are sure to please any palate. Grab a handful for a snack, or grab your apron; Small Fancy Pecan Pieces perfectly top yogurt, parfaits, or your favorite ice cream.

I had some store-bought pecan caramel cookies I enjoyed so much that I wanted to make cookies with that flavours for over a week now, you must be a witch to share this recipe now! Definitely will try!

I hesitated when I realized I needed my mixer AND my food processor. But thankfully I carried on. The brittle was OK, but the dough with the brittle is over the top fantastic. My dough balls are in their 12 hour time out. Hopefully some will make it to the oven!

Wow, these cookies are fantastic! I like to say that in our household we are fans of the Millard reaction. If that describes you, you should make these cookies. Between the toasted pecans, caramel and brown butter they are off the charts toasty.

Our brittle is simply special. Unlike traditional brittle, each bite of our brittle, you get all the crunch without thinking your teeth will crack! Our peanut brittle for sale is just simply amazing and different.

The delicious brittle was amazing. While pecan was my favorite and cashews my husband, you have to treat yourself by trying them all. The fresh, delicious brittle and the personable service makes this company, and their product, second to none.

We put time and love into every batch. This personal, authentic touch is one of our secret ingredient to enhance quality and extraordinary taste. Our old fashioned peanut brittle taste now has a more modern texture that is light airy and crispy.

Brittle Brothers' Gourmet Pecan Brittle - the finest Pecan snack in the World!Brittle Brothers' has taken the finest Jumbo Pecans (no pieces or chips here) and surrounded them with a sweet buttery layer of delicious brittle, to create a melt in you mouth snack sensation. One taste is all it takes for you to realize that Brittle Brothers' Gourmet Pecan Brittle is heaven in a bag!The PERFECT "anytime" gift for any occasion! Gifts for Family, Friends, Clients, Customers or Prospects! Give them the best...give them Brittle Brothers' Gourmet Pecan Brittle! Available in 5 oz., 8 oz. And 16 oz. Sizes.

This was my first time making brittle. I followed the recipe but it turned out fairly thick (we like a thinner brittle) and when I spread it out on the pan it lost the baking soda fluffiness. What would I need to do to make it a little thinner of a consistency More water Pull off the heat a few degrees sooner Thank you for your recipe and help!

The process to make this is kind of long. Caramelizing sugar and waiting for the candy thermometer to creep ever so slowly to the desired temperature is no quick process. But with a lot of patience, the end product is fabulous. I love this brittle because the toasted pecans are the star. As opposed to peanut brittle, the snap of the pecans in your mouth, along with the sugar, is fabulous, and gives the brittle the perfect balance of crunchy and chewy. Toasting the pecans is absolutely necessary to give them that texture. The hint of salt is a welcome accompaniment to the caramelized sugar flavor. While the taste is clearly the more important factor, the intoxicating smell that filled the kitchen all day long was a nice bonus.

The butter pecan brittle was very good. I actually started weight watchers and I noticed that the peanut brittle is not high on the points list. I love pecans so I really enjoyed those! As for my fav, I will have to say the pecan pie!

I was wondering how hard in texture was this brittle I just recently had some at party and amazing. The texture was kind of soft not stick to your teeth hard like most brittle. I plan on making this recipe this weekend..

I came across this Recipe Pecan Brittle is excellent, we lived in Louisiana and we had an abundance of Pecans, so I decided I would make brittle with them since Peanuts were more pricey. But a note to people who live in a humid climate. Brittle should be made on days with low humidty. Because the brittle will be very sticky due to humidty. Even with AC on. Even in the Fall and Winter months there were times I used AC. My husband loved this brittle.

We start with fresh, raw pecans from Georgia and Texas, soak them in Bourbon (because we can) and turn them into a delectable, crunchy, buttery treat. Just like the brittles you remember as a kid with a grown-up Bourbon flavor.

We offer many different pecan candy items from homemade pralines to brittle. All items are packed in clear containers that are tamper-evident, water-proof, and air-tight except the Fiddlesticks, which are packaged in a clear bag. Choose several for yourself or have them shipped directly to your gift recipient.

Our chocolate covered pecan candy is the most popular of our candy coated pecans. We offer milk chocolate, white chocolate, mixed chocolate (white and milk) , and dark chocolate covered pecan halves. Our candy is packaged in clear containers that are tamper-evident, water-proof, and air-tight. They are great for gift-giving!

Pecan Brittle and Peanut Brittle are both delicious! This year we are also offering both items in chocolate. All brittle is packaged in clear containers of 8 ounces. Our brittles are packed with protection, but some breakage should be expected and accepted. Longer transit times will increase the probability of more product breakage.

Please keep in mind that chocolate items, brittle, and divinity should not be shipped if the temperature of your destination is over 70 degrees. We suggest that your order of chocolate items, brittle, or divinity be delivered to an air conditioned location. UPS and USPS will often leave packages at your door or mailbox if no one is home to receive them. An ice pack may be used to add extra protection if your transit time is over 2 days at an additional charge of $ 4.00 per ice pack. 59ce067264


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