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Hey there, thanks for all the responses! I appreciate learning from the best. It seems there are some really high quality photographers that support the idea that blown whites need not equal famous portraits and are led by their best clients. I obtain my work from a personal lifestyle photographer, so I am not trying to pass my clients off as "high production". (And it's my wife btw!)

Where are laymen who are new photographers getting their education? Where I live, it's by trial and error, trying to learn with my camera on my own. I think a lot of people are focusing on the camera and missing the very important aspect of photography. If they would spend as much time shooting naturally in uncontrolled lighting, which includes the fun factor of working in front of a light, then they would learn much more about exposure and would find that no "action" is needed at all.

David - while fairly rare, a subject that I have seen this treatment on is of a young girl at her high school graduation. Admittedly the treatment was done with pretty high-key lighting and a lot of gel.

Haha. It's been a battle for me to learn photography. I learned to do everything via trial and error and after a few years of playing around, I came across some pretty good photographers. Right now I am trying to find one that blows my mind by doing the things other people are doing with their equipment.

The only thing that stops this show from being great is a lack of chemistry between Kiran and Preeya, I really would love to see them develop each other while they are on the show. In another words, their chemistry off the show should translate better onscreen than it does on the paper.

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