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HACK Fantastic Flame Serial

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HACK Fantastic Flame Serial

Normal subpar types get a good boost in these games especially Fire! This type has had a horrible track record in abundance and type coverage. Scarlet and Violet, however, just nails it for the burning type. They have a fantastic starter (Fuecoco), great diversity (Volcarona, Talonflame, and Houndoom for instance), and our first Fire/Grass Pokemon, Scovillain! Also, consider Electric as well! It has Mareeeeep.

State 3: First read in values from all inputs (flame sensor, potentiometer), based on input values, update what the output is going to be. (Since CC usually works with 127 value resolution, the output is from 0 to 127). Based on the output value, it updates the LED (via PWM) to show the user what value is being sent (it acts to mimic the candle). Finally the output value is sent via serial through the USB and interpreted by the computer for conversion (in Hairless MIDI). State 3 is then repeated unless the flame is removed, or is blown out. If blown out, it goes to state 1 until it is re-lit.

However, we found that there were a few drawbacks in the design. We found a lip in the door where you could easily snag your wrist, and the screws to attach the handle and thermometer stick through the backside of the door, so you could catch yourself on those too. The logo on the door of the grill is cut out of the door itself, rather than printed. While it looks fantastic to see the flames flickering through the logo, it lets a lot of heat out, so this grill took 45 minutes to get to temperature and needed a lot of fuel. This cutout logo is also on the pizza peel, and we found that delicate dough could snag on this, too. 153554b96e


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