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Who Buys Diesel Injector Cores

Who Buys Diesel Injector Cores =====

Who Buys Diesel Injector Cores

One of the most important parts of the fuel injector reconditioning service field is the availability of good fuel injector cores. We purchase cores from a variety of sources and are always looking for more. To those of you who have continued to support us with sourcing cores we want to thank you.

Getting involved in the reward process and getting paid for fuel injectors you have sitting around is easy. A few simple steps on your part and you are on your way to receiving CASH or credit for future services. Below you can also see the core guide that is used for returning cores when purchasing refurbished injectors from us that have a core charge. The same policy exists with cores sent in for rewards.

The first thing you will need to do is simply box up all the fuel injectors you have. Please make sure to include our core program shipment form. Next you will need to send the cores AND core form to us. We prefer USPS, but you can use the shipping service of your choice depending on what you are shipping. If you have a large quantity we can also offer our pick-up service. Please ship the packages to us at the address on the form.

Fuel Injector cores are inspected and sorted upon arrival. We will keep a receiving log with the number of injectors sent along with part numbers. Once they are sorted, the injectors will go through a few inspections to ensure we have received useable cores. If any cores are not useable, these cores will be discarded. After inspection a total value will be assigned and you will be contacted to let you know the total. At this time you can chose to keep the money as a credit towards future injector service OR request a check for the total amount.

The reward amount per injector will vary on what cores are sent in. Some cores can pay as much as $15 to $20 per injector, where others may only pay $.50. The prices are determined by the current availability and demand on that particular injector part number. Unfortunately you can not dictate to us the rate you are looking for. Would you go to the local scrap yard and tell them you want $50 per lb for # 3 Copper when they are only paying $1.75/lb for that material No, you would not, and you can not. It is the same thing with us.

Shipping of injectors are directly from Full Force Diesel. For shipping next day or express please call us for desired shipping availability. *A return label for your cores is supplied for your convenience. Proper return packaging is supplied to you by Full Force Diesel to return cores back to them. If you choose to not do a core fee you shall be responsible for any damage done to the cores during shipping. In the event there is damage to the cores during shipping you shall pay all additional fees for replacement parts. Your order will not ship until FFD receives your cores. All core fees are refunded to the credit card you used when placing your order. Processing a refund takes up to 3-4 weeks to receive after Full Force Diesel receives your cores. **The 18 month injector replacement warranty is offered through Full Force Diesel. Please contact Full Force in the event a warranty injectors(s) needs to be sent. This is a replacement warranty ONLY. Core(s) MUST be returned or the Warranty injector core fee will not be refunded. Please do not contact DP-Tuner for warranty injectors to be sent. *For All International orders cores MUST be received by Full Force Diesel and inspected before orders can be shipped. When shipping cores back please indicate on your label the following notation, "Return to sender if undeliverable". This is crucial if the cores get misplaced.

Limited Lifetime Warranty card must be filled out entirely and returned within thirty (30) days with injector cores and proof of purchase to qualify. This warranty is only in effect for the original purchaser and original vehicle listed on registration. No transfers of ownership or vehicles allowed!

Specializing in new and remanufactured parts for diesel engines, Goldfarb & Associates, Inc. has built an extensive worldwide network to supply their customers with the specialized parts they need. This latest acquisition of new and factory remanufactured fuel injectors, turbochargers, and pumps will add more options to their already extensive inventory of more than 1,000 unique diesel engine parts.

Goldfarb founder, Saul Goldfarb, began his career in auto parts but struggled to compete with companies producing cheaper reproductions of quality parts. In 1997, Goldfarb departed mainstream auto parts to specialize in selling fuel injector cores, injection pump cores, and turbochargers for diesel engines, a market that has proven profitable. As the business expanded to include rebuilt turbochargers and diesel injection pump parts, Goldfarb relocated several times to increase his storage space.

Goldfarb & Associates supplies customers around the world with a wide range of top-notch diesel parts. They specialize in injection pumps, fuel injectors, and turbochargers that fit all diesel engine applications.

7.3L INJECTOR CORE RETURN / SHIPPING NOTE: $25 UPS Ground Shipping includes Core Return Shipping Label, located inside the box, to be used for return of your used injectors (cores). The Heavy Duty double-box and packaging can be saved and re-used for return of injector cores.

Injector Cores are the old injectors out of your truck -the truck you are buying these injectors for. All injector cores are due back by the due date included with your Return Label and warranty paperwork.

We do not charge any other fees to repair your core injectors. Please note some of the other companies charge for bad parts on top of the sale price and do not use new plungers and barrels in their injectors. All cores charges refunded by issuing a check to the customer, with the exception of rusted or coked cores. Coked cores are the result of vegetable oil. Shipping includes a return label for your cores. If cores are not return with in 30 days from purchase date the remaining $50 per injector core charge will be charged.

The power water injectors in carbonate reservoir in field Q were left stable after drilling using a diesel based completion fluid. The flowback of the completion fluid was not allowed due to presence of hydrogen sulfide gas in high concentrations. Formation damage was expected due to injection of the completion fluid into the formation.

These injectors were planned to be treated by using surfactants that are compatible with high salinity formation and injection waters. Thorough lab investigations were conducted on the formation damage induced by the completion fluid by conducting return permeability tests on reservoir cores and compatibility tests. Various treatment fluids containing surfactants and mutual solvents and combinations of these were prepared. Use of surfactants with low electrochemical properties resulted into sudden precipitation of salts. This behavior of surfactants has been discussed in detail in this paper. 59ce067264


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