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תה - כתיבה וסדנאות

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כתבתי סיפור באנגלית על דמות שלי שאני כבר הרבה זמן רציתי ליצור איתם משהו והסיפור זו הפעם הראשונה שנתתי להם לדבר ולהפוך לדמות שהם יותר מסתם ציורים. כלומר עד לפני שכתבתי את הסיפור הזה לא חשבתי על לעשות אותם בריטיים בכלל!

(הסיבה שאני אומר הם כי אני לא חושב שלרוחות יש או אפילו צריך מגדר או מין מאחר והם מתים.).

"so, I'm dead?"


"Am i going to the Afterlife?"


"Oh. Cool...?"

Felix looked at their body, mushed on the road like a freshly squeezed grape. Honestly it was kind of gross in their opinion.

"Christ, that's wretched..."

"It is quite gruesome."

"Ok, but then who exactly are you supposed to be?"

Felix turned to the person next to them, to felix he looked a bit too posh for another ghost.

"Are you some sort of grim reaper? Maybe God?"

"I am neither of them, at least not how you would describe these concepts."

The man took out a pen and and a clipboard and wrote something on it. Felix peered to see what he was writing but it seemed like it was written in a language they couldn't understand.

The man noticed felix and quickly put his board down.

in his low, monotone voice which while sounding the same as before, felt to felix as a bit more angry.

"Alright, it is time to go."

"Go where?"

The man chuckled at that, something about this bloke's chuckle made Felix feel very embarrassed for asking.

"To the afterlife."

The man turned to felix and they followed his gaze, in front of them stood a large, cardboard box

"What's that?" Felix asked, slightly confused "that is how we enter the afterlife." Felix was now very confused, 'that's a box' they thought to themselves.

"That's a box!"

"It is a gate."

"No, a gate is a large door made of iron bars, not a crate."

"It's a gate."

Felix noticed the man was getting angry, even if he didn't show it.

"Alright, alright, it's a gate. But how do we get in?"

"We go inside"

"Ah." Felix felt embarrassed again for asking yet another stupid question.

The man helped Felix get in and said

"Good bye."

Felix tried to ask what his name was or what is going to happen but the man just closed the lid without listening.

The box was cramp and dark. Felix thought they might have been afraid of both the dark and cramped spaces when they were alive but they knew it didn't matter anymore, they were dead and there was no use being scared.

but slowly, the space started to feel less closed, like hands, cupping something moving and now letting it go. Felix felt as if they were in a large, empty ocean of darkness.

They floated there for a bit before noticing there was a small, red light in the dark.

They tried to hold it but it seemed like it was farther than they thought.

They started diving to it, that reminded them of when they were a kid, when their mum would tale them to the ocean every summer. they were never able to swim, but diving, that was what they were best at. In the deep water they could hide from the world's problems and just sit and feel the waves move them around with the sand, mixing with it and feeling like they were part of a bigger whole. Felix kept diving, as they dove farther and farther down, they saw the light grow brighter and brighter, and a warmth starting to pour into them.

The warmth reminded them of more and more memories. They remembered one time, when they were about nine, their mum took them to the sea. It was after a few really bad weeks for their mother and she thought going could be a fun rest for the both of them.

Felix immediately went in the water and stayed there for a while, the ocean felt good, warm, and comfortable. Felix thought about it now, their brows furrowing and their eyes watering, the light became bigger and the warmth started being unbearable. They remembered when they came up from the water they couldn't see their mum, they shouted for her before seeing her long, raven black hair peep from the water. Felix yelled, she didn't listen. They tried to run to their mum but the waves were too strong. mum kept going until it seemed as if the ocean had swallowed her whole. Felix waited for her to come up, after a few minutes she did, limp and empty of life; her black hair - which felix always liked - dispersing in the water like long worms eating her body. Felix never went to the ocean again, and yet, here they were. the light was now cloaking their vision and the heat felt as if it was encasing them.

"I'm sorry." They whispered. Then, like a light switch being flicked; felix found themselves in a large field, the temperature felt cooler and the wind whistled softly, Felix turned, and with a heavy but happy sigh said "hi, mum.".


קבוצה למשתתפי הסדנאות של תה ולכותבים בכלל. פעם בכמה זמן אני ...


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